The choice to send a child to camp can be scary! Picking a camp can be a daunting task. Before you make a decision, we want you to know that we work hard to assure the following:

Your child will be safe.

We’re inspected by the State of Michigan DHS, the Cass Country Health Department, Michigan Fire Marshall and DEQ to guarantee the safety of our little guests.

Are dietary needs a concern? NO PROBLEM! Every week we are able to meet the needs of guests with gluten, nut, dairy and other food sensitivities.


Your child will spend a week with positive role models.

Our staff and volunteers go through more background checks than teachers! They’re interviewed, reference checked then run through Criminal AND Department of Human Services checks. Only the best interact with your child. Many of our counselors are teachers, pastors and people with lots of experience with kids.


Your child will come home with a new skill.

Our goal is to give every camper something to be proud of. It might come from a cooking or art class, from a canoe trip or a craft project. We provide opportunities for campers to SHINE.


Your child will make friends.

There’s plenty of peer pressure here, but it’s positive! Camp is a place where children have freedom to be themselves. We’ve found that kids bond quickly through play.


Your child will have FUN!

Our camper’s schedules include pedal car races, laser tag,  sling shot target paintball, a slip and slide, canoeing, horseback riding, smores, archery, singing, dancing and more!


Give us a call! We’re happy to give tours to curious parents. While you’re at it, find us on facebook!