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  • 5807 Ridge Rd
    Pentwater, MI 49449

    Director, Dana Hunt
    Office: 231-869-5627

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1976 I believe, GT district Creative Arts camp. It was the summer after 3rd grade. I remember playing tether ball, nukum and all those stairs to the beach. I loved all the crafts in the craft hall and especially the camera made from a Pringles can with Terry Salmonson. I had never slept in a tent before. Also fond memories of singing in the dining hall, preparing for parents night and the fire bowl (so powerful). A wonderful first experience brought me lifelong friends and camp every summer thereafter at Lake Mich and then Lake Louise through high school. I was then a counselor at Lake Mich one summer when my daughter first attended and again when she was a junior counselor. ❤️

Honey... I could write a book! :-) first trip there I was bringing up my 4 year old, arriving after dark, flash lights packed in bottom of trunk. Got turned around on map of our beloved campgrounds ⛺️ and ended up at someone else’s tent! So we slept in the car until day light! :-) fun times...

This will be hard to just share the first memory but I can share many memories, that are special to me. The first thing that come to mind is when we would car pool to camp back in the day oh I say 1977, the summer after 4th grade. My parents had a VW Van we would load our sleeping bags in the middle, which is what we sat on. As soon as we would turn at the Bridge in Pentwater the excitement grew!! We new we were all most there. talking about who would be our counselor, who would be in or family, which tent site would we be in. That giddiness still hits me Everytime. My Dad was a counselor every summer for 32 years sometimes twice a summer if a camp was short staffed. (He was a teacher and had summers off) So many time we would drop him off and ask when can we stay?

Dana, I've never made a trip to your camp. I was however privileged to be part of many Champions Clubs and Sales Meetings you organized for RPG. So many memories. 😘

We had creative arts camp- I learned to play a song on guitar and I learned to take pictures with a Pringle can camera. It was amazing!!!! And the cooks dumped a batch of bread dough outside- that baked in the sun! It smelled delicious. And the cantata practice all week long for parents night.

1981- Denny and I were expecting our second child. Brian was 2. Everyone was so helpful and kind. We had no idea what to expect. All we brought were some basics. Personal items, sleeping bags and an electric fry pan. We’ve been coming to camp ever since.

Family camp with Jackson 1st UMC 40+ years ago. Our kids, Matt and Michelle, still bring their kids every year to family camp with Jax 1st. Love this place!

As a senior in high school, 1969, my youth group made a day trip to the camp. The only buildings were part of the craft hall, then the dining hall, and the old restrooms. We had a great day, going over the dune to the big lake.

I have to Ditto what some of you have said. It's the long lasting friendship that were made at camp. Cari Goodwin, Carrie Jorissen, Richard Thayer, Tim Salmonson, Wendy Scott, John Scott, Tina Pointdexter, Laura Murdoch, Angie Engler, oh my So many Friendships 💞 I would love to have a camp reunion sometime 💕🙋🏼‍♀️ Singing in the dinning Hall, at Fire bowl, or when ever you wanted to sing. The Hugs! No matter what you were doing a hug was always there, just because🤗☺️ (no questions ask) Tether ball, Nukum (mind you, you couldn't play anywhere else but camp. It just wasn't the same) sleeping on the Dunes 🌠, Crafts, Swimming in Lake Michigan, Fire bowl - Where I found Jesus! 33 years later as a counselor these memories are still the same. Friendship made and renewed Julie, Cheryl, Dawn Hall, Josh Hall, Cathy Christman, Mike, Tina, Rick, Dave, Sandy, Gayle, Carol, Garrick, Christie, Michelle, and so many more💞 I don't know what it is but talking about camp LMCRC just gets me a giddy and excited. FRIENDS: "and I thank you I thank you can God for all of my friends, and I thank you I thank you God for all of my friends here with me"

Pulling in May first 2019. Great summer

Walking over the dunes to see the lake the week of 2019 Memorial Day, and then taking an ice cold plunge.

Working the grounds and watching the sunset at the end of the day.

Putting up our tents, fire bowl and taking a nature walk when Bill Russell was dean, crawling through the mud. Then being a counselor.

My first memory was dropping my brother off to camp as a little little girl and begging my mom to let me stay. I was probably 4 at the time and literally could not wait till it was my turn :)

Not so much the individual memories, but the Individuals. .. Amy M Fuller, Tina Poindexter, Richard Thayer, Carrie Jorissen, Tonja Nixon Hinkston. I was in-between at my small church. ... too young for the older youth group and too old for the younger. Lake Michigan Camp WAS my youth group.

Sleeping in the tents! I was a mini camper and I remember it was horizontal time and I rolled over and fell up and out of the tent😂😂

My husband proposed to me on your beach 💕

Seeing the red sunset going down to the lake!

Pioneer Camp 1982. ❤️

When we went camping with our Otsego United Methodists church and seeing how beautiful the land was, it’s truly god’s country

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Flip flops as soon as the snow melts and as often as possible. Although I will admit during youth camp close toed shoes are a good idea. Stumps and toes don't mix.


Barefoot all the time 🙂

No just barefoot. Maybe a flip flop if I have to go somewhere

Flip flops and barefoot


Depends on what your doing


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