Elementary Camps

Elementary Faith Challenge 

Grades 4-6th

kayaking on the lake

7/23 – 7/29 – $399

Elementary Faith Challenge Mini 
Grades 2-3
7/23 – 7/26 – $199

Elementary Faith Challenge Mini Extended
Grades 2-3
7/23 – 7/29 – $399

The best of a fun, faith, and fellowship summer camp specifically designed for elementary kids to love going to camp.  Worship designed for their age, beach time, game time, fun time, and the whole range of camp activities.  Camp can be such an developmental boost to kids and we want them to have so much fun that they come back year after year.

Elementary Fit Faith Challenge

Grades 3-7
6/25 – 7/1 – $399

Ready..Set..GO!  Some kids just love sports, games, challenges, and being as active as possible.  This is their camp.  Great fun and great worship.

Camp Wannalaffalotta

summer camp

elementary summer camp

Grades 1-6
6/25 – 7/1 – $399

Lights, Camera, Action!  Creative play at it’s finest.  May the light of Jesus be so bright and laffalottable that it’s contagious to others.