2017 Campground Rates

Camp sites

$30 for individuals or $28 for groups of 5 or more


Grace and Agne: $45 a night weekdays and $60 a night weekends

Sensabaugh: $55 a night, weekdays and $70 a night weekends

***Call for prices on weekly, monthly or seasonal rates


Pavilion Rentals

$25 a day for Campers     $75 a day for Non-Campers

Beach Day Use

$5 per person  or $25 for a season  pass.


$10 for small or $25 for large

Free Use for our campers:

Row Boats, Canoes, Paddle Boats and Paddle Boards



Call 855-352-6896

Email campgroundreservations@umcamping.org

For all other questions, please call 517-212-5450