Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

The Myers Lake family ministry exists to actively live the mission put forth by Michigan Area United Methodist Camping, a nonprofit corporation empowered by the Michigan Area of the United Methodist Church.  We believe in the power of family and time invested in one another in times of respite and play. Christ’s message of salvation and redemption is ever present in our world and is to be celebrated in connection to God the Father, our families, our neighbors, our co-workers, and our congregations when experiencing recreation and in the world afterwards.

Since the day Myers Lake Resort was gifted by Helen and Charles Vandemark in 1994, Myers Lake has been committed to providing our guests with exceptional service, quality facilities, and an overall positive Christian camping experience. We pride ourselves in being the finest Christian campground in Michigan and demonstrating leadership and vision within the industry.  Much of our success can be accredited to working together as a team to provide the best camping experience for our guests.

In working as a team, each employee will receive support, encouragement and enthusiasm from other team members.  Both individually and collectively this enables us to provide our guests with the very best service and do so in a IMG_0230_medpositive and happy work environment.

For seasonal openings as Housekeeping, Maintenance & Grounds, Store & Office, or Program and Ministry team members. ( Use button to download application. Please disregard page 5.)