Meeting Space


  • 2 Dining Rooms, each seats approximately 100 people with tables and chairs


Main Lodge, Upper Room

  • Seating with tables/chairs 108
  • Seating with chairs only 232

Conference/Game Room

  • Seating with tables/chairs 36
  • Seating with chairs only 75

Conference Room/Small Chapel

  • Seating with tables/chairs 41
  • Seating with chairs only 88

The dining rooms are also available for meeting spaces, along with the common areas in the Retreat Center,
Daisy/Trillium Lodge, and our Chapel by the lake.

There are also 3 fire rings and numerous picnic tables.

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  • 1700 Clear Lake
    Dowling, MI 49050

    Office: 269-721-8291

    Summer Camp Registrar: 833-588-2267, option 1

  • 269-721-8291
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We would like to tell you about a wonderful gift we have been blessed with at Wesley Woods. Her name is Bev Olsen. Bev is a retired nurse, camp nurse, wife, mother and Grandma to two wonderful boys. Bev has been coming to volunteer her time and resources several times a week since October. She is putting together our entire WW Health and Wellness Center.
This includes customizing and painting all 4 rooms, including a new and improved treatment room and providing assistance to ensure quality care for all who come. and visit Wesley Woods. Work is still in progress, so photos to come at a later time. Thank you Bev for your tireless effort in making Wesley Woods a safer environment for our guests.
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Is the Wellness Center in a separate building and not the Retreat Center? Does this mean your long time previous nurse is no longer at WW?

What a blessing!

Bev, you are an answer to prayer

Looking for a family event during the holidays? We still have 10 rooms left to be painted at Wesley Woods before 1/10/20. We have two Saturdays 12/28 and 1/4 and can also accommodate weekdays during Christmas break. Call Susan at 269-721-8291 to set a date. We have paint, rollers, and accessories , or you can custom do your own.
We are also still taking donations of paint, accessories, twin sheets, pictures etc.
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How much paint for 1 room?

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