Campaign Volunteers

Before You Start

A – Welcome Letter – Skinners + Pung
B – TASK LIST – Getting Started
C – Advance Giving Gathering
D – Advanced Giving Invite Letter
Training Video below:

Sue Pung, the local church campaign chair, is happy to answer any questions you have regarding your church’s Changing Lives campaign.  Please contact her at

Week 1

A -TASK LIST – Week 1
B – Sample Speaker Talking Points week 1
C – Sample Bulletin Announcement – week 1
D – Bulletin Insert Week 1 Introduction Sunday

Use Week 1 Video (Bishop Deb:)

Week 2

A – TASK LIST Week 2
B – Sample Speaker Talking Points -week 2
C – Sample Bulletin Announcement-week 2
D – Bulletin Insert

Use Week 2 Video (George Ayoub:)

Week 3

A – TASK LIST Week 3
B – Sample Speaker Talking Points -week 3
C – Sample Bulletin Announcement-week 3
D – Bulletin Insert

Use Week 3 Video (John & Deb Skinner:)

Week 4

A – TASK LIST Week 4
B – Sample Pastor Talking Points -week 4
C – Sample Bulletin Announcement-week 4

Use Week 4 Video (Thank you from all:)


Youth Giving Opportunity
UMC Case for Support updated May 20
UMC Camp FAQ-updated May 13
Storytelling Tool
Litany for Camp-full sheet
Litany for Camp- half sheet
Donation Handling Process
Camper’s Prayer-full sheet
Camper’s prayer – half sheet
Order Form – Giving Envelopes & Brochures Plus Speaker Requests
Local Church Promotions for Campaign

Camp Stories:
Benton Heisler Testimony
John and Deb Skinner Testimony
Zach MacNees Testimony
Fred Stabley Testimony
Amy Gallagher Testimony
Speakers’ Roster:
Changing Lives Speakers