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Cottage Offers Respite for Laity, Clergy

At the Water’s Edge: Private Retreat Cottage

Who doesn’t need a break from the day-to-day grind? A literal “pause” for spiritual renewal and reflection? Sometimes you need a change of scenery to reconnect to God and self.

The At the Water’s Edge cottage at Lake Huron Retreat Center is a private retreat destination (for up to four adults) set aside for clergy AND laity to spend quiet time with God, work on special projects, or simply relax and renew.

A recent guest said, “I’m especially grateful for the obvious attention to detail that went into preparing for our arrival and stay.  The immaculate cleanliness is another reason I will come back again!”

The cottage has its own prayer labyrinth, campfire ring and private swing on the beach.  It has a fully equipped kitchen, along with a gas grill on the deck and a picnic table to enjoy your meals while watching the activity on the lake.  The cottage is available year round to those desiring a private time away for study, rest and renewal.

Thank you, thank you! I so needed this time alone to reflect and be close to Gods beauty and blessings." Lynette Smith

All inquiries for booking go through Heather Marsack, Guest Services Coordinator.  Heather can be reached at info@lakehuronretreat.org or 810-327-6272.

See more photos of the cottage on our Facilities page.

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