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Winter Blast Elementary

It’s time to go outside for winter fun with friends! Get ready for sledding, playing games on the ice, worship, indoor discussions, great food and chilling out! Come along to learn how much God loves you and calls you to share that love with others – especially in winter! Group and individual registrations are available. Participants will stay in the bunk rooms of the Main Lodge and/or Daisy/Trillium Lodge. Bring a friend (or two)! Everyone is welcome!

Individuals and groups are welcome. Please contact the registrar@umcamping.org if you are bringing a group for instructions regarding group reservations and payment.
Check in 5 pm; Check out 7 pm

Groups may bring a chaperone (who can help during the event and stay for free). Contact the registrar if you need help, 989-534-6587, registrar@umcamping.org.