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Flashlight Faith

Bringing the Fun and Inspiration of Camp to Your Church

Camp Changes Lives!

Camp Changes Lives! It’s not just a slogan, it’s at the very core of outdoor Christian ministry. We know that something special takes place when we spend time in nature, engaged in Christian fellowship and extending the love of Christ to those around us.

Children learn that God loves them and when living in God’s creation that takes on greater meaning. Teens are lifted up and buoyed during turbulent times. They are empowered to live their faith through a strength found by living in close-knit communities with Jesus Christ at the center. Adults find respite, encouragement and peace in the quiet of our Christian camps, campgrounds and retreats. 


Michigan Area United Methodist Camping offers Flashlight Faith as a free special camping “road show” program to your faith community. We’ll bring activities, stories and camp-style food (either a meal or snack depending on the situation). There’s something for everyone at camp – from the very young to those in their “golden years.” So find a time where everyone can participate and invite us out. We’d love to bring you our message at a weeknight dinner, a Sunday afternoon picnic, during Sunday School or worship. We’ll make it work for you!

Yes! Bring Flashlight Faith to my group! Contact us at info@umcamping.org.