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Payments and Cancellations


If this page does not answer your question, please contact registrar@umcamping.org or call 989-534-6587.


Q: My child can’t decide if they want to go to camp. Can you help us choose a camp? What is the latest I can enroll?

A: We are happy to help find the right fit for your family. As long as there are still openings in the camp event, you may register anytime up until the day the event begins. Please call the camp registrar at 989-534-6587.

Q: What school grade should I use to register?

A: Use the grade your camper will enter in the fall. Once your camper graduates high school, they are eligible to attend high school camps the summer immediately following graduation. 

When registering online, the software will calculate your camper’s grade in relation to the date of the camp event, and will show you the events available. If the event you want does not appear, it is because your camper is not in the grade range for that event. Contact the registrar if you have questions.

Q: I registered online, but my registration does not show up on my account page.

A: You must pay at least the minimum deposit for your registration to be saved.

Q: My church is paying a portion of my registration. Do I still need to enter a deposit?

A: If your church did not give you a sponsor code then you will need to add the $75 deposit. The registrar will refund you the deposit if it is due you after your church pays. Without a deposit or sponsorship code the registration is void. Churches should contact the registrar for a sponsorship code. Email the registrar at registrar@umcamping.org.

Q: What should I do if the camp I want is full?

A: Please register early! Contact the registrar and she may be able to assist you in finding a similar camp that is not full or she may be able to ask permission to admit one more camper. Email the registrar at registrar@umcamping.org.

Q: Can I register by mail?

A: Yes, you can, but we encourage you to use the faster, more efficient online registration process. If you need a paper registration form, you will find it here.

Q: I need financial assistance. How do I apply for a scholarship from Michigan Area United Methodist Camping?

A: Download the scholarship application.  Complete the application and submit to registrar@umcamping.org. Please make sure you include the “need” on the application form. Funds are granted with individual consideration. Michigan Area United Methodist Camping typically awards $50 per camper.

Q: Where do I send applications for Michigan Area United Methodist Camping Scholarships and First-Time Camper Rebates?

Email them to the Camp Registrar at registrar@umcamping.org, or mail them to MAUMC, PO BOX 134, St Johns, MI 48879. Scholarship and rebate forms must be mailed or attached to an email; they cannot be processed online or by phone.

Q: What if I still need additional financial help?

A: Check with your local church. Churches are very supportive of Methodist Camping, and many offer camp scholarships.


Download Rebate Coupon

Q: Can a sibling use the instant rebate for his or her sibling as a first-time camper?

A: Yes. Your returning camper can invite a sibling who hasn’t attended before, and both will get the same rebate that the first-time camper earns. 

Q: How many rebates can I get?

A: Only one. One rebate per returning camper. One rebate per new camper.

Q: Does my first-time camper qualify for the rebate even if no other camper invites him?

A: Yes, but the rebate form still needs to be completed and submitted for the rebate to be applied.

Q: What is the difference between the $25 and the $50 rebate?

A: The $25 rebate is for campers staying four nights or fewer. The $50 rebate is for campers staying 5 nights or more. A returning camper always receives the same rebate as the first-time camper that they invited.

Q: Is the rebate automatically given to first-time campers?

A: No. You must apply for it, by mailing or emailing the coupon, which is available here. Exceptions and sending instructions are noted on the coupon.

Q: What if I paid in full? Can I still claim the rebate?

A: Yes. Simply send in the completed rebate form. The rebate will be applied to your account and if it creates a credit, we will refund your credit card or send a check in the mail. It can take up to three weeks to receive the refund.

Q: If my child is going to one camp location, and the friend they invited is going to another camp location, can they still claim the rebate?

A: Yes. As long as the events qualify for the rebate (see the coupon for list of disallowed events and locations), then the location does not matter.

Q: I applied for the first-time camper rebate; why didn’t I receive a rebate check?

A: If you applied for the rebate before the camp balance was paid in full, then the rebate was deducted from the remaining balance. If your account is paid in full before the rebate application is received, then the rebate will either be refunded to your credit card (if you paid with a credit card in the past 90 days) or a rebate check will be mailed. Please allow three weeks for mailed rebates.

Payments and Cancellations

Q: How do I pay the registration fee?

A: When registering online, you may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or e-check. By mail, you may use check, money order, or written credit card information. Checks and money orders are payable to MAUMC, and must be mailed to MAUMC, PO BOX 134, St Johns, MI 48879. Do NOT send cash in the mail.

Q: When must the registration fee be paid in full?

A: The full registration fee should be paid two weeks before your camp starts. Payment in full must be received no later than the first day of camp. Please contact the registrar if you have questions.

Q: Is there a way to set up automatic payments for my camper’s registration fee?

A: Yes! Once you make the reservation and pay the minimum deposit, you’ll click on “Make a Payment.” Then select your method of payment and scroll down to the bottom and check the box that says “I would like to schedule additional payments using this payment method.” Then pick the dates your payments are made and the amount you will pay each time.

Q: What if my church is planning to pay part of the registration fee?

A: The payment of the registration fee is your responsibility. Please make sure the church knows your camper is enrolled, and that the church will pay its part of the fee at least two weeks before the first day of camp. You may want to check with the church to see if they asked MAUMC for a sponsorship code which can be applied in the amount that the church will pay. the church will then be billed.

Q: Do I lose my deposit if I change my child’s enrollment to a different MAUMC camp?

A: No. Your deposit, as well as other payments and credits, will transfer to the new 2023 event.

Q: Our family had a change in plans and I have to cancel my camper’s enrollment. Can you refund the fees I paid?

A: The $75 deposit is non-refundable. Other payments may be refunded if requested at least 14 days in advance of the start day of your camper’s event. If you cancel within 14 days, fees paid (including fees paid by your church) are not refundable. You also could check the website or call the Camp Registrar to find another event your camper could transfer to instead of canceling. Emergency exceptions, including cancellations related to COVID, are left to the discretion of the Executive Director.

Q: What if the event is canceled by Michigan Area United Methodist Camping? 

A: You will be contacted and offered to move your registration to a different event or receive a full refund.

Q:  If my camper needs to cancel or change to another event, what should I do?

A:  Cancellations and transfers cannot be done online. The Central Camp Registrar must approve and handle all changes of enrollment. Please call or email with your request,  registrar@umcamping.org or 989-534-6587.

Q:  Can I get a refund of my deposit?

A: The minimum deposit is not refundable. Exception: Contact the registrar if an emergency prevents you from attending camp. 

Q: Can I get a refund of any payments I made besides the deposit?

A: Yes, if you cancel two weeks or more before the first day of the camp event. However, if you cancel two weeks or less before the start date, all payments are forfeited.

Q: My church is mailing a check to help pay for my camper. To whom should the check be made payable?

A: Make all checks for camp registration fees payable to MAUMC. Churches paying for multiple campers may write one check for all, accompanied by a notation listing each camper’s name, event ID (or camp name) and the amount to be credited to each camper. All checks must be mailed at least two weeks in advance of the camp event to MAUMC, PO BOX 134, St Johns, MI 48879.


Lake Huron Retreat Center, Director Ann Emerson, info@lakehuronretreat.org, 810-327-6272

Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat Center, Director Erik Bengston, info@lakemichigancamp.org, 231-869-5627, 5807 N. Ridge Rd., Pentwater, MI 49449

Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center, Director Nicole Holton, info@wesleywoodsmi.org, 269-721-8291, 1700 Clear Lake, Dowling,   MI 49050

Please direct program-related questions to the site director.

Q: My camper has food allergies. Can you accommodate them?

A: In most cases, yes. There is a place to provide this information on the Health Form. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the camp Director at the site your camper will attend. 

Q: How many friends can my camper request to room with?

A: Up to two roommates can be requested. 

Q: What should I pack for my child to bring to camp?

A: The camp will send you a welcome letter and a list of specific things to bring about 3-4 weeks before camp starts. For a general list of things to bring, click here.

Q: Does my camper need a doctor’s physical exam before camp?

A: No, an exam is not necessary. You are required to fill out the Camper Health Form as part of your registration. This is provided for you as part of the online registration system or download it from our Camper Forms webpage. Camper Health Form 

Q: What is the Authorization for Pick Up and why do I need it?

A: The Authorization for Pick Up  is a document signed by you, stating who may pick up your child from camp, either when the event is over, or in case of emergency. Your child will not be released to anyone who is not named on the form. This form is part of the online registration process but you can also download it and bring with your camper the first day of camp.

For any questions you do not see answered here, please call 989-534-6587.