Promotional Materials

Thank you for helping get others fired up about summer camp, retreats and camping at one of our beautiful campgrounds! With many churches worshiping online, we are providing several resources you can use during worship, announcements, email and social media. Use these materials to spark interest in Christian Camping and outdoor ministries! If you need assistance, contact, 989-534-6587.

Camp Sunday Resources

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2021 Summer Camp Guide pdf 

Ten Ways to Energize Your Ministry with Camp

  • One-page flyer of ideas for local churches to use in promoting camp.

Summer Jobs

Help your young adults and seasonal workers connect with camp jobs. Post and include in your social media and newsletters. Thanks!

Pinterest Page

  • We’ve saved some of our favorite crafts, snacks and games on our Pinterest page.


  • Download these graphics for your Sunday-morning visuals or email newsletters.
















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Social Media Tips

Use whatever social media platform is popular with your audience. Parents and grandparents use Facebook and Instagram. Teens flock to Instagram and Snapchat. Visit our Facebook pages (every location has one), share our posts, or download our graphics and repost them yourself (just tag the camp or camps you want to highlight). Be sure to link back to

The most powerful promotional tool is the personal story of a life changed through the camping ministry. We’d love to hear your story. If you post them, share them with us by tagging us (type “@” followed by the name of the site and it should pop up as an option to tag). Or email your story (write it up or make a short video on your smartphone) to With your permission we’ll share it either anonymously or with your name.

Camp Facebook Pages

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