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Glen Dale Kinder, In Memoriam

We at Michigan Area United Methodist Camping are mourning the death of Glen Kinder, who died after a brief illness in June 2018.

Glen Kinder served as Board chairperson of the West Michigan Board of Christian Camping when the decision to merge both the eastern and western Michigan United Methodist camping ministries was discussed and brought to fruition.  As chair of the new Michigan Area United Methodist Camping board, he combined both his deep love of our Lord and his business acumen to focus members of the Board on the entire ministry of camping, not on individual projects or concerns.  He was a visionary who saw camps as ministry, but knew they had to be run as a business.  He empowered people both individually and collectively.  He spoke truth.

Realizing that each of us must teach the generation younger than us, Glen stepped aside as chair of the board to enable someone in the younger generation to learn from him and to grow into the position.

Glen’s passion for the Lord, his concern for the United Methodist Church, and his gifts to the camping ministry are missed.  Please pray that God will comfort his family during this difficult time, as they are suffering the pain of losing a beloved husband and father.