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Invitation for Local Church Input

March 2017

Dear Churches and Clergy of the Michigan Conference,

Greetings in the name of United Methodist CAMPING in Michigan; from the hills, valleys, lakeshores and woods of our beautiful state! It has been an eventful year and a half since the Michigan Area United Methodist Camping (MAUMC) ministry was created by action of the Detroit Annual Conference and the West Michigan Conference.  As a separately incorporated Board, rest assured that MAUMC remains United Methodist.  According to our bylaws, 60% of our board membership must be elected by the Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church Nominations Committee.

Our Board of Directors is seeking some feedback from you, along with sharing some insights on our progress as we work toward rebuilding an entirely new foundation for a unified camping program from two very differently run programs.  We recognize that change may produce unsettled feelings.  With the help of our executive director and our camp directors, we as a Board are focused on moving forward to create a successful United Methodist camping program that changes lives for Christ.

Careful research, prayer, and discussion are part of our monthly meetings and subcommittee work.  We study our facilities, programs, personnel, marketing, and finances. We continue to make policies and decisions toward building a robust camping ministry for all generations to enjoy.  It is hard work, but each of us celebrates the ministry and what it means toward making disciples for Jesus Christ.  We are committed to the mission and task at hand.

Historically, our camping programs have struggled to be financially stable.  With the new conference creation, budget support is currently undetermined.  Our short-term and long-term funding is a major challenge.  Because we are stepping out on faith and trusting God’s guidance, we need a strong relationship with each local church and pastor now more than ever.  Of course, financial gifts of support from your church as an investment in this vital and life-changing ministry would be extremely helpful, but more than that, we want to encourage and grow a reciprocal relationship with each local church.  We need to know how we can best be involved in the spiritual growth of your congregation to serve you with the resources we hold in trust for you.

Please consider a financial gift to our camping ministry, but also please consider an invitation to help us understand your needs/questions regarding how the Michigan camping ministry can help your local ministry grow and thrive through a relationship with MAUMC.  Please respond to the brief survey below.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers as we make our way through this significant rebuilding process.  We need you!  Camping Changes Lives!

  • Our 2017 camping brochure is available online and in print. Contact our camping office thru Pamela Stewart: pstewart@wmcumc.org
  • Registration is now open!
  • Scholarships are available. Applications are on our website under Forms/Parents Forms.
  • First-time campers qualify for a $50 discount (full week) and $25 discount (minicamp).
  • Children of adults who volunteer (counselors/health officers/deans) can attend camp at a discount. Ask the site director for details.

With appreciation, your MICHIGAN AREA UNITED METHODIST CAMPING  Board of Directors: Dwayne Bagley D.S. Rep, Paul Cogger, Suzanne Everett, Sherry Foster, Michele Hills, Mark Johnston, Stephen Mills, Bill Pozin, Paula Timm, Susan Witte, Joel Wortley

STAFF: George Ayoub, Interim Executive Director; Tom McComb, Business Manager; Pamela Stewart, Executive Assistant


Ryan Culby, Albright Park & Lake Michigan Camp
Sherry Stone, Camp Kinawind
Dan Stuglik, Crystal Springs Camp
Sarah Ratz, Judson Collins Camp & Retreat Center
Ann Emerson, Lake Huron Retreat Center
*vacant, Lakeview Campground
Jon Lawrence, Myers Lake Campground
Eric Hoffman, Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center

Download printable survey