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Scholarship Fund Grows

Thank You Annual Conference Delegates!

Thanks to generous and hungry Annual Conference delegates, recent donations to our camp scholarship fund exceeded $9,400! Approximately $800 more than last year!

“We are tremendously grateful for the gifts given through the snack table at Annual Conference. It will go a long way to help send children to camp where their lives will be changed through Christ,” said George Ayoub, Executive Director of Michigan Area United Methodist Camping. 

This year’s snack station also offered information about the camping ministry events, programs and facilities. Water bottles, travel mugs, pens and stickers were also available. The tally represents cash, checks and online donations before expenses. Many donors stepped up and sponsored a camper for a day with a $70 gift. They received a special button and were invited to free snacks throughout the event.

It was a busy four days full of worship, legislation and learning for the attendees from the two Michigan Conferences, which will meet in the future as one combined Conference of the United Methodist Church. Site directors attended on Saturday to meet with conference attendees and discuss how they can be in ministry with local churches.

Reaching More Campers

Several local church supporters asked how they can send more campers when there are fewer children in their congregations. We offer these ideas as opportunities for Transformational Outreach & Ministry (and invite you to share your ideas, too):

  • Meet with a local school principal or guidance counselor. Can they offer names of children whose lives might be blessed by the opportunity to go to camp?
  • Work alongside a school to help them meet the needs of children. While building relationships in the community, you can extend an invitation to camp.
  • Offer camp scholarships to the children who attend your Vacation Bible School, even if they don’t attend your church.
  • Remind adults we have adventurous and leisurely camp events for young adults through seniors. You’re never too old to meet God at camp!

Reflecting on Our First Year

Saturday’s camping dinner celebrated last year’s accomplishments as the organization’s first full year as a state-wide nonprofit – complete with singing camp songs, of course! 

  • Nearly 2,000 campers attended one of our Michigan Area United Methodist Camping events in 2017.
  • 265 campers received scholarship assistance, representing over $35,500.
  • 22,000 more visited our consecrated sites for retreats, reunions and camping throughout the year.
  • Capital improvements and investments are being made throughout the system to
    improve accommodations, Internet access, electrical hook-ups at campgrounds, and more.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to:

  • Hundreds of volunteers who serve the camping ministry as deans, counselors, greeters, clean-up crew and more.
  • Summer staff from all over Michigan and the world who serve as spiritual and adventure guides for our campers.
  • Patrons and donors who support the camping ministry with their prayers, gifts, time and campers.

You can still give a gift to camp scholarships by texting CHANGINGLIVES to 91999 and completing your pledge or follow this link to http://bit.ly/UMCampingSponsor

How You Can Support the Camping Ministry

  • Commit to praying for the camping ministry.
  • Sponsor a camper for a day at the $70 level or higher
  • Camp at one of our three family campgrounds
  • Register campers of all ages for summer camp
  • Easy invite: get children, youth, adults outside the church to attend camp
  • Hold your church/district/conference events at one of our facilities
  • Reserve Albright Park or one our sites for your family reunion or work picnic/party.