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Serving and Reaching Out

Crystal Springs Staff Hits the Road

As we transition between youth camp season and retreat season and our staff gets ready to head back to school, we decided to hit the road for a few days of service around the community. We are so grateful for all the volunteers that help us so we want to give back.

Crystal Springs Camp Director Dan Stuglik said, “Every year I try to allow our staff to go out and serve others. I think camp and retreat centers are assets to their communities, so it’s nice to be able to take ‘camp’ outside of camp from time to time.”

First we traveled east to our sister camp Judson Collins where we helped revitalize their “Sugar Bowl” firepit and gathering place.

Then we spent an afternoon at The Old Rugged Cross Garden between Niles and Dowagiac. Our staff stained bridges, power washed brick sidewalks and trimmed bushes. While we were at it, we cleaned the rain gutters at Pokagon United Methodist Church which is located across the street.

On another day our brave and generous staff donated blood. We were rewarded with a ride on the carousel!

Thank you to our staff for all your hard work this summer. You were a blessing to many and now we bless you as you return to school. We hope to see you again next summer!