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Summer 2020 at Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat did not host youth summer camp this year due to COVID-19, but some campers were able to visit and enjoy time together.

Families and small groups have enjoyed RV, tent and cabin camping this summer. In fact camping has been a popular activity as families are looking for outdoor activities and ways to safely vacation away from home after spending months during the COVID-19 stay home statewide shut down.

Guests are enjoying the new extended platform tents so much that many guests are requesting them and donations have been made so we can acquire more of them next year. Thank you to our generous donors!

Visit our rates page for details on reservations for RV and tent campsites, platform tents, cabins and bunkhouses. Camping season continues through mid-October.

At Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat our #1 goal is to provide a safe environment for our registered guests and our staff. Sit back and relax as you read some of the changes we have made to protect you during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • CLEANING: We are performing additional cleaning and sanitizing of our bathrooms, cabins, and all platform tents. When you see the CLOSED sign, we ask you respect our staff by not entering closed facilities. Bathrooms will be reopened when all chemicals are dry and it is safe for you to enter.
  • BATHROOMS & SHOWERS: We ask that guests with self-contain RV Units use your own facilities. Honey-wagon (to empty your tanks) is available on Tuesday and Friday for $25. Register 24 hours in advance by calling the office. 
  • REMOTE CHECK-IN: Available by using the intercom located at the INFORMATION AREA as you enter the camp or by calling the camp office at 231-869-5627 upon arrival.
    • CHECK-IN: is between 3 pm – 8 pm. Our staff will be sanitizing the campground facilities between 1pm – 3 pm. Check-in will open only after this is completed.
    • CHECK-OUT: for all Cabins, Bunkhouses, and Platform Tents is 11AM, campsites may check-out at 1 PM.
  • SITE CLEAN-UP: Due to Covid, all guests are required to remove ALL trash prior to departing. If any trash is left in a campsite or fire-ring, you will be assessed a $25 site clean-up fee.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: To maintain social distancing, each site is allowed ONE UNIT (that is one RV/Camper OR one Tent) and is restricted to one household.
  • ONE VEHICLE: One vehicle will be allowed per site; all other vehicles must park by the office.
  • COVID CAMPER WAIVER: Please note all guests are required to sign a COVID CAMPER RELEASE. You can print this in advance at: https://umcamping.org/…/20…/06/Camp-COVID-Waiver-2020-06.pdf
  • DAY GUEST/VISITORS: During Holiday weeks and when our campground is at 75% capacity, we will not be open to visitors. Again, our priority is minimizing risks for our registered campers. Please check with the Camp office for additional information. When allowed, Day Guest must register, sign the camp waiver and will be charged the site usage fee $5. Non-registered guests and campers who allow non-registered guests, will be asked to leave.

Last, our playground is open but requires parental supervision at all times and limited to 10 children. Our beach is open, the water is warm(ish) and our guests have plenty of space to social distance.

Thank you in advance for your support of Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat. If you have any questions concerning our safety precautions, please call the camp office at 231-869-5627.