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The Lake Wave Oct 2018

Whirlwind Summer at Lake Michigan

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It’s hard to believe that just 24 weeks ago we arrived at this beautiful place we now get to call home! The summer was fun. It was exhausting. We had many late nights and even more early mornings. Someone compared our
arrival to jumping on a treadmill going full speed. Full speed it has been, but we are loving it! We consider it a privilege to serve here.

Dana & Duane Hunt


Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat is more than just a campground. This is a holy place – a place  that before 1957 was prayed over and dedicated to God. This summer a fourth-generation camper camped with us. A Family Camp celebrate its 50th anniversary, and we had youth attend their first ever overnight camp.

Families, Youth, Sunsets & God

2018 Camp Season at a Glance


WEEK #2 brought a group of Michigan
Nomads who volunteered over 700 hours helping to get camp open for a full campground Memorial Day weekend.

WEEK #3 brought the three much-anticipated new family cabins for North Campground.

WEEK #4 we began working on the electrical in the new cabins and soon after a volunteer group from Wichita,
Kansas, hung all the insulation. And while we started out fast, life sped up and suddenly we had to make choices – like hot water in the Dining Hall for youth camps or completing the cabins. We quickly discovered, there was not the manpower to finish the cabins this season.

While that disappointed us, God showed His faithfulness time and time again.

FOR EXAMPLE: He provided an incredible summer staff. It is difficult to explain, but trust us, such a provision is overwhelming. Our staff served with excellence, dedication and perseverance.

God gave us 136 youth campers during our 4 weeks and the campers were able to experience God’s beauty while at the camp.  In addition God provided great deans and leaders who were committed to loving our youth and presenting the gospel.  We even had the pleasure of Bishop David Bard visiting during our High School camp.

God provided great leaders for the 23 family camps and 14 groups that visited our campground this summer.

Our 65 campsites, 40 platform tents and 8 bunkhouses were used almost 3,000 times this summer and every holiday weekend every campsite and bunkhouse was reserved! It was so encouraging to see God meeting campers right here and how He put together all the pieces to make this camping season a success.

Moving Ahead Together

Because of dedicated people like you, and those who pioneered this venture 61 years ago, the ministry of Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat continues. We are committed to working with you and the Board of Directors to ensure Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat meets and exceeds the dreams and prayers of those who began this camp.  With this legacy comes the responsibility for maintenance, much needed repairs and updates. We know we need to proactively update our bathroom facilities, replace worn platform tents, update our electrical panels, repair our stairs, update our dining hall and retreat center. We know we need more RV campsites.

In addition, for summer 2019 we are expanding our youth ministry by increasing our youth camp options to 14 camps! That’s right – 14 camps designed to reach our youth and to show them God’s love!  In addition, we are offering three adults camps, a home-school camp and 8 specialty camping events, including a weekend honoring the heritage of LMC&R.

These improvements and events can only happen with your help – you who have camped, who have loved and who have witnessed the special place Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat is. We need to:

  • raise additional funds to pay for improvements
  • increase our summer staff
  • recruit volunteers for summer camps and events.

Please pray with us as we plan for 2019 and consider your part in the ministry of Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat. The Hunts are excited to be a part of Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat, and we believe 2019 is going to be a full and vibrant year on the lake!  Ride the wave with us!

Thank you for your ongoing support. Click “Donate” above and designate Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat or text LAKEMICHIGAN TO 414444 to give online. Or mail a check to Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat, 5807 N. Ridge Rd., Pentwater, MI 49449

Thank you!